D.I.Khan Cantonment Board (CB D.I.Khan) was established on 1891 upon bifurcation of D.I.Khan Cantonment..

Station Commander was assigned the powers of the Board as Administrator till the constitution of proper Board under section 13 A of the Cantonments Act 1924.

After local government elections in Cantonments in April 2015, first time a proper Board has been constituted.

D.I.Khan Cantonment has been divided into 04 electoral wards

Board comprises

  • PCB (Sta Comd)
  • 02 x civil members (01 Elected)
  • 01 x Minority Member (01 Elected)
  • 01x nominated members by Sta Comd
  • 01 x Magistrate 1st class nominated by DM
  • 01 x ex officio